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Swiss Machining

Swiss turning CNC machines were born out of Swiss watchmakers’ need to manufacture complex parts with high precision, tight tolerances, and repeatability. A Swiss lathe’s design feeds material through a guide bushing and past the tooling, which provides maximum part support, lessening deflection and vibration and thus contributing to its ability to hold tight tolerances on long turns while achieving superior surface finishes. Simultaneous back-working and cross-working operations decrease cycle time by allowing for combined milling and turning operations in one machine with one set-up.

Schaffner’s multi-axis CNC Swiss lathes allow for the precision machining of a wide array of geometries in quantities that range from small release jobs to annual production runs. Our Swiss capabilities include:

– Working diameters from 0.125″ to 1.250″

– Ability to hold tolerances up to 0.0003″

– Part lengths up to 7′ long

– Surface finishes of 16 RMS

When our customers’ parts require surface finishes better than we can achieve in our Swiss lathes we offer grinding services. Our thread rolling capabilities allow us to manufacture full bars of threaded stock that can then be turned down and machined to specification for precision shafts that require a rolled thread. Our plunge thread rolling capabilities allow us to add a rolled thread to just the end of a precision pin that doesn’t allow for a cut thread.


Our ability to run complex parts complete in one setup along with our in-house thread rolling and grinding capabilities significantly reduces setup, machining time, and part handling, resulting in cost savings and improved lead times for our customers.