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Our Services

Over the generations our technical capabilities have grown to include a wide range of precision machining solutions. As a full-service contract manufacturer we are able to handle every aspect of your project from start to finish, working to exceed your expectations on large and small orders alike. We offer competitive pricing and we are pleased to offer volume discounts. In the unlikely event we come across something we can’t make, we’d be happy to point you to one of the many shops we work with across the country.

Capabilities: CNC Swiss machining, CNC vertical milling, drilling, tapping, traditional lathe turning, knurling, and threading (thread rolling and cut threads)

Contact us to discuss how Schaffner Machine Company can help you complete your next project.

Types of Parts

Types of Parts

– Complex turned shafts with front, back, and cross work (e.g. precision mandrels, …)

– Threaded shafts including ACME, standard, metric, and military threads (e.g. turnbuckles, lead screws, …)

– Custom all-thread rods: full threaded bars rolled to your specifications allowing for custom pitch diameters, major diameters, and plating allowances (e.g. 12 foot acme threaded rods, …)

– Various types of screws, couplings, bushings, sleeves, rollers, & spacers (e.g. machine parts)

– precision pins (knurled pins, ground pins, clevis pins, …)



– Carbon steel

– Stainless steel

– Brass

– Aluminum

– Plastics

– Various alloys including exotics and specialty steels

We source a wide range of materials but we are always willing to make accommodations for our clients, including working with material you already have.



We can coordinate all of the plating and post-machining processes required to bring your job to completion. Over the years we’ve developed key relationships with reliable suppliers across the country. Or if you prefer to handle the post-machining process yourself we can ship to you your machined parts protected by a rust-preventative.

– Plating: zinc, nickel chrome, electroless nickel, anodizing, black oxide, e-coat, powder coat, passivation, and degreasing

– Metal Finishing: descaling, bead blasting, and vibratory deburring

– Heat treating: case hardening, induction hardening, carbonitriding, carburizing, and gas nitridiing

– Grinding: centerless and cylindrical grinding